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Obituary for Margaret Elizabeth Nelson

Margaret Elizabeth Nelson nee Green, Born on December 12, 1942 to parents Kenneth John Green and Margaret Allan,
Maggie nelson was the eldest of five children and the 17th generational female to
be named Margaret. Daughter of a missionary pastor, Maggie spent 7 years in
Bogota Columbia, before living in Anderson, Indian for a year, the family then
moved to New Mexico where she spent her teenage years. She was often found
riding train cars with her younger brothers, ken and john. They once brought
home a set of kittens with them, although they later found out that they weren’t
really kittens. They were puma cubs. Maggie frequently said that the one thing
that she misses the most of those years was the sound of that big cat purring her
to sleep.
Maggie went to High School in Las Angeles, California and later went to
Westmont college. There she got a double bachelors degree in English and
history, with a minor in Russian. She went to California State College for her
graduate degree, successfully becoming an English teacher. She loved talking
about the little flower shop that she worked at while in college. She would use
that English degree to teach 11th grade English classes in CA. One of her favorite
stories is how she was able to help her student learn how to read by using their
naughty magazines. Among her students were members of the Bloods and the
Cripts, two rival gangs that both showed in Hollywood film, “The Westside Story”,
she loved telling the story of how they showed up one day with all their gear on
set, ready to actually fight, only to be told, “Ah, no, prop fighting only.”
As the eldest daughter, Maggie frequently helped her father in the
proceedings and running of his many churches, she fostered a strong faith over
the entirety of her life. She always said that she was called to show her ministry
by giving people books and bibles, it was how she felt she was doing her part.
With a love of art, Maggie would go on to make several watercolor and
acrylic paintings and a huge needlepoint wall hanging. After she moved to Utah,
she took up quilting at the suggestion of one of her friends Ronnie. She took to it
like a duck to water. She made a series of wall hanging for every month and a set
of smaller ones for doors. She was a member of the cedar city quilt guild for
several years, making over 100 quilts as a part of Hurricane Harvey relief.

Her favorite quote unquote hobby was giving her pets interesting names.
The following are a small selection of her favorites. Cats: King Tut, Reggie,
Nicodemus, Horatio, Dreyfus, Misha, Maggie the first, and Maggie the second.
She lovingly named our pet rabbit Jiro.
She follows husband Edward Nelson, father Kenneth and mother Margaret
Green. She is survived by brothers Kenneth and John, sisters Doris and Dibby,
daughters Wendy Margaret, Kathrine Elaine, and Christine Margaret and
grandson David Tiger.